A/V Projects

Motion Art Show 

[A/V Print] (Spotlite Detroit, MI, 2023)

[A/V] (Tokyo Tower 2022)

Uzumaki Genesis

[A/V] (Virtual 2022)

Hidden Connections
[A/V] (Soil Factory, Ithaca, NY, 2021)

Patch Pulse: Lily Ackerman & otodojo
[V] (Gray Area, San Francisco, CA, 2020)

Artist Profiles

Mirror Glyph
[A/V] (Tokyo Tower 2022)

[A/V] (Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield, MI, 2022)

‘Interference in Tribugá Bay
[A/V] (Colombia 2021)

Wave Seed

[A/V] (Virtual 2020-2021)

Epoxy (Patrick Russell Remix) - Jasen Loveland

[V] (Virtual, 2018)

(Virtual 2017)

Penglai (2022)

Oscar nominated short film

Written and directed by Momo Wang

Audio special fx and production support for Chad Cannon

Produced by Chris Meledandri and Gail Harrison
Narrated by Scarlett Johansson

Coral is Calling (2023)

Perry Institute for Marine Science
Reef Rescue Network

Music and SFX for ‘Coral is Calling’ and Experience Videos - a PSA for restoration of coral reefs.

Directed by Eve Frohm
Filmed by Harry Lee

Psychedelic Spotlight (2021-2022)

intro / outro music for podcast

podcast editing

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