Maro Kariya is an audiovisual artist who explores sensing within the natural world, reflections of its change, and presence. With 11 album releases and several digital art collections under their belt, they are approaching a sound and vision for interpreting environments they visit and embodying the translation of 'otodojo' [a sound place for learning]. They have shown works with Cranbrook Art Museum (2022), RED° Tokyo Tower (2022), Artists for Plants (2021), The Soil Factory (2021), and digital platforms, including a community built with Ryu Goto, Otodojo Nodes (2022). Their sound work has been released on various labels and acclaimed by Resident Advisor.

Photo by Juan David Cano

They graduated from Cornell University with a doctoral degree in chemistry & chemical biology and discovered and characterized a series of novel sulfolipids.

In 2018 they started the electronic music event series and label ‘Microtones’ through which they organized over 40 shows and released three fundraising compilations.

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