Photo by Juan David Cano

Maro Kariya, PhD (otodojo) is an audiovisual artist who uses interactive media to connect and motivate people towards changing systems that threaten environments.

They released music with labels such as The Bunker NY, Perimeter Junk, Qeone, Mesma, Unimatrix Zero, Acid Camp, UFO Parfums, and others. Their album ‘Amphibious / Aural Spirits’ has been named one of the best albums of 2023 by MixMag.

They have played for Interdimensional Transmissions’ Return to the Source in 2022 and 2023, including a spatial audio performance in collaboration with Sophiyah E.

They have showcased their audiovisual works at Leipzig Kunstkraftwerk (2023), Tokyo Tower (2022), Cranbrook Art Museum (2022), Mix Gallery in Ithaca (2023), Artists for Plants (2021), The Soil Factory (2021), and a digital community built with Ryu Goto, Otodojo Nodes (2022).

In 2018, they launched 'Microtones' (microtones.info), an electronic music collective in Ithaca, NY which aims to help personal healing and community building through music.

They graduated from Cornell University with a doctoral degree in chemistry & chemical biology and discovered and characterized a series of novel sulfolipids.

As of late they have released a new album entitled 'The Sound of Stone' on Microtones, have been exploring spatial audio and interactivity, and have been providing interactive media and music production technique lessons and workshops.

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